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2023-12-29 - Sheets added

Added a sheet for the song A sad story of Captain Hook

2023-04-20 - Updates on links page

I found a great artist, The Glass Child so I added her webpage and Spotify and YouTube to Links page. Go listen :)

2023-04-11 - Sheet for Beauty, page for album Fragile and hosting changes

Fragile album now have own subpage where you can download all songs as a mp3 files. On that album page there is also a new sheet added for a song Beauty

I also moved this website away from my home Raspberry Pi. Now this site is again located on Digital Ocean VPS server.

2023-03-13 - Added link to my home page in bio page

Added my personal homepage, to Bio page as well.

2023-02-22 - New links added

There is now more links added in Random cool links -section in Links page. Go to links page.

2023-02-22 - Most of my albums are now on Spotify and other streaming services

As some of you might have noticed, most of my old albums are now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and what-so-ever streaming services there is.

Only two albums are missing at this point, Romance and Fragile. Reason for this is that I have a publish deal in China of two songs where another one is on Romance and another one in Fragile. Since I have this deal and since those songs from those albums are already found now on Spotify etc. I have to take a little bit more time if I want to publish those albums so it does not conflict with already published songs from those albums. Maybe I will create different mix and rename the albums differently (Romance - Streaming edition? Romance - 2023 Edit?), I don't know yet. Time will show. Or maybe I am just lazy and do not publish those in next couple of months. That is the most probably :D

Anyway, happy listening and happy new year! I will update this site when I have more time and motivation :-)

2022-11-26 - A moment of peace can be downloaded here

My third album A moment of peace what was released on 2012 can now be downloaded on Downloads-page and you can find some info on album page.

2022-11-26 - Sheets from old web page can be found here again

After the update of my web page you might have noticed that there is no more sheets found on the page what was found on my old page. Sheets can be found again on this page! Go and see Downloads-page where you can find section called Sheets or just browse the downloads list and search for pdf for sheets.

2022-11-13 - Music video for song Fading light

Today I released a new music video for song Fading light what can be found from album Silhouette what was released on 2017. The video can be seen here for best possible quality and on very bad quality on YouTube.

Feel free to download & share the video if you wish :)

This music video does not have any kind of story or any deeper meaning and it was compiled just for fun from my test footages with Panasonic AG-DVX100 so it could have been also labelled just as a Test video footage with Panasonic AG-DVX100.

I got this camera on very good price (20 EUR!!! Wheeee!!!!) last friday and I wanted to put it on test. Today was very beautiful weather so I went to Sipoo and Sipoonkorpi National Park to test this camera in real life usage. Most of the footage are badly shot, it is shaking etc. but I liked the aesthetics of the video so hopefully I have time and motivation to do more proper music video with this camera as well.

This camera uses MiniDV tapes and the tape was later moved to Atomos Ninja 2 from cameras Component video output using Scart to HDMI adapter. Video footage was edited with DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.

2022-11-08 - Out of free downloads in Bandcamp

Currently I am out of free downloads from where you can download and purchase all of my albums (see here). Bandcamp have limit how much free downloads can be in month and those free downloads have ended, sorry! I guess free downloads will be available on next month again.

Of course if you want to support you can buy album and select what amount you want to pay on Bandcamp. :)

Some of my albums have been added on this page also so you can download some of those here as well. Most or all of my albums can be found also on different piracy sites so feel free to search from those as well. Sharing is caring ;)

2022-09-24 - Updated bio

Small change in bio page where I tell when I got baptized and joined officially to Seventh Day Adventist church.

2022-09-20 - Added links

Updated links page.

2022-07-26 - Added Neverland album page

Now there is some information about album Neverland on Albums-list page. Songs can be downloaded also on Downloads-page.

2022-07-05 - Added Silhouette album page

Now there is some information about album Silhouette on Albums-list page.

2022-07-05 - Added missing album to Albums list

Now And when you weep is found on Albums-list page where it belongs. For some reason or another I had accidentally forgot to add this between Winter and A moment of peace on whole albums page. Anyway, it was my second album and it was released on 2011-12-11 on Album page on this site is still missing since my website update project is going slowly, but some day I hopefully add more information on this album as well.

2022-07-05 - Site moved to another platform

Website is now moved to another machine. Hopefully everything works as previously :)

2022-06-26 - Album page Swansong added

Now there is some info about album Swansong on Albums-page. You can listen and download songs from that album on that page as well as on Downloads-page.

2022-06-26 - Links page added

What is good website without links to random things I want to share? Yep, it's nothing! Now I have links page here on top menu as well so go and see what there is what I want to share.

New links will be hopefully added later when I find random interesting stuff to share.

2022-06-26 - Album page Lappi added

On Albums page there is now some basic info about album Lappi.

You can download album songs as an mp3 on that page or on Downloads-page

2022-06-22 New website!

I decided to throw away Wordpress and create old school styled website with purely HTML and CSS without any kind of dynamics on web page. No more clutter, no more fancy modern web design, just good old HTML + CSS. Keep the old internet alive! ;)

Note that information in this site is still work in progress and lots of information is missingg, but hopefully I have time and motivation to add more information later.