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2022-06-26 - Album page Swansong added

Now there is some info about album Swansong on Albums-page. You can listen and download songs from that album on that page as well as on Downloads-page.

2022-06-26 - Links page added

What is good website without links to random things I want to share? Yep, it's nothing! Now I have links page here on top menu as well so go and see what there is what I want to share.

New links will be hopefully added later when I find random interesting stuff to share.

2022-06-26 - Album page Lappi added

On Albums page there is now some basic info about album Lappi.

You can download album songs as an mp3 on that page or on Downloads-page

2022-06-22 New website!

I decided to throw away Wordpress and create old school styled website with purely HTML and CSS without any kind of dynamics on web page. No more clutter, no more fancy modern web design, just good old HTML + CSS. Keep the old internet alive! ;)

Note that information in this site is still work in progress and lots of information is missingg, but hopefully I have time and motivation to add more information later.