Swansong is out there!

17th Painless Destiny album Swansong is now out there! You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google music etc.

It is also free to listen in Bandcamp (see here).


  1. Isolated, My Solitude
  2. Swansong
  3. Crestfallen
  4. Forgiven
  5. Sleepless, Restless
  6. Silent Scene
  7. Ballad of Elizabeth Bennet
  8. Birds of Frozen Lake
  9. Forever Burning Candles

Like previous album this is mixed and mastered by Viljami Roivas. Go check his own stuff on YouTube as well (see here)  🙂

Website back online

As you might have seen this site were offline a year or something. Now the site is back online and I will update content near future (read: before summer 2018) if nothing more busy is coming on my way 🙂

Merry X-Mas!