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A moment of peace

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A moment of peace is 3rd Painless Destiny album. It was released on Bandcamp 2012-01-22.

Cover art of the album is taken somewhere in Norway. I was moving to Sweden and on same time I was visiting on Norway side and took this picture.

This album was composed using Korg Microstation as a MIDI controller and Logic Pro as a DAW.


  1. Silence around us (mp3)
  2. A place in my heart (mp3)
  3. Night time (mp3)
  4. A moment of peace (mp3) (pdf)
  5. The Crown (mp3)
  6. Something (mp3)
  7. Breakthrough (mp3)
  8. Not anymore (mp3)
  9. Dreams (mp3)
  10. Far away (mp3)
  11. A moment with you (mp3)
  12. All around (mp3)