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Neverland is 11th Painless Destiny album. It was released on Bandcamp 2012-11-24.

This album was composed and recorded on Suhmura when I was visiting at my childhood home. I had my Korg Microstation with me and I composed this album withing one day (like most of my albums are done).

I used Korg Microstation as a midi controller and I used Logic Pro as a DAW.

Song Jamie & Landon is a reference for my personal guilty pleasure all time favourite movie A walk to remember. If you haven't seen it then it definitely is worth checking :)


01. Where are you? mp3
02. Beauty mp3 pdf
03. My sweet symphony mp3
04. In the silent night I hear you cry mp3
05. You are my angel mp3
06. Lake at night mp3
07. Jamie & Landon mp3
08. You make me alive mp3
09. Harmony mp3
10. You are the brightest star mp3