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Lappi is 18th Painless Destiny album. It was released on Bandcamp 2022-03-09.

Lappi which is called Lapland in english is a region what stretches over four countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

Piano sounds of this album comes from Kawai CN37 electric piano. Album itself was composed using Korg Microstation as a MIDI controller and Logic Pro X as a DAW. Album was mixed by Viljami Roivas.

Cover art of the album is taken in Saariselkä which is a small town in Lapland in Finland.


  1. Cold winter night (mp3)
  2. Mist of morning (mp3)
  3. A wanderer (mp3)
  4. Last view before night (mp3)
  5. Lappi (mp3)
  6. Remember me (mp3)
  7. Unspoken words of love (mp3)
  8. Fly free, my child (mp3)