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Swansong is 17th Painless Destiny album and it was released on Bandcamp on 2020-04-04.

When I released this album with this name it caused a little bit wrong impressions that I was going to quit composing and this artist name even I didn't had any plans for quitting in my mind.

Originally title what I had in my mind was Swansong for the fallen but it was too long to look good in album artwork and since its meaning could have been misunderstood I changed the name to Swansong.

Well, since the Swansong normally means the ending of something it gave wrong kind of message aynway, even tho diffrent kind of wrong than the other name could have caused :D

On this album I used piano sounds from Kawai CN37, but the album itself was composed with Korg Microstation as a MIDI keyboard and Logic Pro X as a DAW. This album was mixed by my friend Viljami Roivas.

Cover art picture was taken long time ago in Laajavuori, Jyväskylä when I was living in Jyväskylä.


  1. Isolated, my solitude (mp3)
  2. Swansong (mp3)
  3. Crestfallen (mp3)
  4. Forgiven (mp3)
  5. Sleepless, restless (mp3)
  6. Silent scene(mp3)
  7. Ballad of Elizabeth Bennet (mp3)
  8. Birds of frozen lake (mp3)
  9. Forever burning candles (mp3)