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Who I am

My real name is Aleksi Räsänen and I am born on 1984-10-25. I am finnish.

Most important thing in my life is my faith on Jesus Christ as my saviour. My home church is Seventh Day Adventist (shortly SDA). I finally got baptized on 2022-09-24 and I also joined to the church on same day.

I have born in Finland and I still live here. I lived my childhood in small town called Suhmura, but nowadays I live in Vantaa. There was about 5 months period in my life when I was living in Ed, Sweden. Otherwise I have lived my life in different places in Finland.

Currently I work on finnish broadcasting company called Yle where I work as a software specialist on media logistics. Before my current position I have been working on diffrent IT companies as a developer or as a system specialist so my background is quite technical. Shortly said I am a nerd :P

I do not have much musical background. When I was a kid I went to piano school for short time, but I didn't learnt much and I didn't liked it so I stopped going there. Much later I started to learn playing on my own so mostly I am self taught. Of course I have read stuff from internet, heard from people about the music theory, tips etc. but I haven't been on piano school later since my short period there in childhood. I also wanted to learn how to make songs and 2005 I finally managed to create my first song and record it.

It is good to mention also that Painless Destiny is just a hobby for me. If you like my songs, cool, if you don't then you don't :)

Other stuff I do, enjoy or care about

I have written a blog called many years but nowadays I have stopped writing it because lack of time. I still have a personal home page I also have a company called Deep Contrast Media.

I like photography and quite often I have my camera and video camera with me :) I still prefer external camera and video camera more than cellphone cameras and at this moment my main phone is anyway Nokia 3310 (2017 remade version) which have quite crappy camera.

I play piano as you might have guessed already, but other than that sometimes I play a guitar as well. I also want to learn to sing so I sing also, but not quite well tho :D.

Sometimes I like to write poems as well.

I watch movies quite much and of course I like to listen music. I am also quite old school in that sense that I still buy and collect CD's & Vinyls, DVD's, BluRays and UHD BluRays. Physical media FTW :)

I enjoy coding and scripting on Linux as well as playing videogames with consoles and PC.

I am also very keen about privacy, internet culture, social questions mostly which are relatd to Internet and how it affects our lives and ethics of IT industry in general.