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Painless Destiny is a piano music artist. Originally this was meant to be a band and that is the reason for this artist name instead of my own name.

First two songs

History of Painless Destiny goes back to 2005. I had composed and recorded my first full song called Fallen Poet and finally on 2005-04-19 I published it on a When this song was composed I had some kind of lyrics as well and I had a plan to find a female singer. I didn't spent enough time for that and thus the singer was never be found.

Couple of years passed by and then on 2007-01-19 I released on my second recorded song called Ristillä what would be translated On a cross in english. I can't remember if this song was actually composed even before my first published song, but this took quite long time until I recorded it. There is also mistakes made in playing, but well, at least I got something done and published even tho it was not the best song ever.

On my first two songs which I had published with this artist name there was synth sounds as well. I can't be sure anymore, but I guess these songs were recorded using Korg X5D with some Linux audio recording software.

From 2007 to first album

After 2007 I composed and recorded many songs (you can find those songs on Downloads-page if you are keen to hear those) but those were totally different than my songs published with Painless Destiny -artist name on

For reason or another on 2011 I composed two piano only -songs called Beyond and Hope. Back then I was also on Facebook and if I remember right these were the songs I shared there on my feed as well on At least one of my friend gave "Thumbs up" to these songs on Facebook and since I liked these songs myself I got inspired to compose more piano only -stuff.

This was the moment when the current form of Painless Destiny -music got shaped to it's current form as a piano only -music.

First album

After songs Beyond and Hope (which is not the same song than later with this name) I found inspiration to compose more piano only -songs. It didn't took long time to compose enough songs for my first full album called Winter.

After composing my first album songs and publishing those to some web server (can't remember, maybe just my own self hosted server) and after sharing those on some IRC channel as well directly to my friends I heard from somebody on IRC that there is a website called where it is free to publish and share music.

I released my first album there and rest is history so to speak. Then I just composed more songs and more albums and just published those since it was fun :)