Swansong is out there!

17th Painless Destiny album Swansong is now out there! You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google music etc.

It is also free to listen in Bandcamp (see here).


  1. Isolated, My Solitude
  2. Swansong
  3. Crestfallen
  4. Forgiven
  5. Sleepless, Restless
  6. Silent Scene
  7. Ballad of Elizabeth Bennet
  8. Birds of Frozen Lake
  9. Forever Burning Candles

Like previous album this is mixed and mastered by Viljami Roivas. Go check his own stuff on YouTube as well (see here)  🙂

7 thoughts on “Swansong is out there!”

  1. Finally!Congratulations!The new album is as authentic as the previous ones are!Pretty amazing!
    And by the way will it literally be a swansong?I was so anxious about the answer.
    Anyway,wish you a smooth life!

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      Well I have no any plans about this being swansong, so if nothing special happens it should not be at least 😀

      1. That‘s a relief…!Looking forward to your next albums!:)
        And if you can update the “releases” column on this website, I will be more than glad to learn more about the two new albums(Silhouette and Swansong)!They appear to be a little different to appreciate in comparison with the former 15 ones, so some background and inspiration may be of some help…

        1. Thanks!

          I just wrote pages about those releases. Good that you asked since I had totally forgotten to write anything 😀

          Interesting to hear that those two newest albums are different kind in some ways than previous ones! It is always hard to tell myself that kínd of stuff since I just compose the album and then just forget it until I do next one.

          These two newest albums are mixed and mastered by my friend which is biggest difference in production, but surely he has mixed and mastered those the way I have asked and what I have wanted so that makes at least difference in soundwise.

          Let’s see what future brings and if next album which I hopefully some day will compose reminds older or newer albums or totally different 😀

          1. Thanks a lot!
            No detailed information is rather worrying, after all on the music network in my country, many users are quite anxious about the name of the latest album and your situation, now I am sure they will be enlightened to see these!
            I was guessing you might had read some impressive book or witnessed evocative scenes before composed these songs, seemly I am half correct 🙂

          2. My finger slid off, so it should be “seemingly”in the last sentence up there ⬆️
            And I do think there are some differences between the older and newer ones. For example, eighth note or something really quickly played can both be found in “and when you weep” and “swansong”, but they give me different impressions. In my mind, the latter creates a melancholical emotion better, partly because of mixture and mastering maybe. Besides, I really love those ornaments in “Isolated, my solitude” which are hardly found in former albums. Those notes always give me a scene of a limping person with a broken heart trekking in a setting like the cover of Swansong etc. Instead of simple repetitions of bars, the lattest albums are more meaningful (or at least understandable to me!) In comparison with the lattest ones, “Land of the free” captures my soul, but those unsounded notes are not so good to hear because they restrain the continuity of expression from the freed spirits.
            New or old, whatever! You play the piano for fun, with exactly the same aim we listen to your works, so don’t be under pressure from this!(The way you looked deep inside yourself did impressed me when released Neverland and I am also encouraged from that somehow) Let’s wait and see what the future will be like:)

          3. Ohh! Didn’t knew that people have wondered the name that much. Well, hopefully they are enlightened after the answer.

            Thank you very much for your detailed explanation about the differences and how you feel those! It is interesting to read how people feel about the music, my music or music in general.

            Nice to hear if some kind of scene comes to mind when listening to music. I personally don’t get that often, but some songs paints a scene very strongly to my mind when I listen those. For example “Raindrops” from band called ShamRain is one of those songs where I can easily just go with the flow, enjoy the music, close my eyes and see some kind of scene in my mind very easily 🙂

            Good to hear that newer albums have been more meaningful/understandable for you. So yeah, let’s see what next album will be 😀

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