New album Lappi is now released on Bandcamp!

New album is released on Bandcamp! Album is called Lappi and it have 8 tracks. Album will hopefully arrive soon to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music etc. 🙂

Like two previous albums, this is also mixed and mastered by Viljami Roivas.


New album should arrive quite soon!

Next album is now sent to my friend who will do mixing and mastering and if there is no big issues the album should be released within couple of weeks.

Album name is called Lappi which is finnish name of Lapland, the northern area in Finland. There should be 8 songs unless anything big happens.

Stay tuned 🙂

Do you want some scores? Just drop me an email :)

TL;DR Reason why there is no scores for all songs is just because I am too lazy to generate them. I do not personally use or understand scores very well so when I compose, I never generate those. If you want to get scores, just drop me message to or @rusinamunkki on Instagram or @painlessdestiny on Twitter. Instagram is probably the fastest way, Twitter the slowest one.

From time to time I use Google to see where my music has found its place and I noticed on some Chinese pages (with help of Google translator so it might be wrong :D) that many people have tried to find some scores but haven’t.

Reason for this is that there is no any official notes/scores except which are listed here! So in practice if you find any other score that what can be found here, then just drop me an email and where you found those so I can send personal thank you letter for those whoever have done those! <3 That’s awesome if somebody have spent their time to do notes manually or with application or however 🙂

Anyway since I should have all albums Logic projects (hopefully at least :D) still lying somewhere on my machines and if you need some particular score in your mind you wish to get, just drop an email to and I will try to figure out if I can generate scores for you and on this page as well.

Note! I do not use notes myself, so there still might be errors. I can try to generate MIDI scores if that is more helpful for you (if you use Synthesia or whatever like that).

Also you can find me on Instagram with username @rusinamunkki so you can drop me private message as well if you need any scores.

Swansong is out there!

17th Painless Destiny album Swansong is now out there! You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google music etc.

It is also free to listen in Bandcamp (see here).


  1. Isolated, My Solitude
  2. Swansong
  3. Crestfallen
  4. Forgiven
  5. Sleepless, Restless
  6. Silent Scene
  7. Ballad of Elizabeth Bennet
  8. Birds of Frozen Lake
  9. Forever Burning Candles

Like previous album this is mixed and mastered by Viljami Roivas. Go check his own stuff on YouTube as well (see here)  🙂