About me

Behind the Painless Destiny there is a finnish hobbyist composer, Aleksi Räsänen. I was born 25th October 1984.

Even I live nowadays in Vantaa, I have lived almost whole my childhood in a small town called Suhmura, which is a place near Joensuu-city. My hometown is really a small place, because there were under 1000 people living there back then – and propably even still.

My hobbies are basic stuff – I listen music and play a little bit, and of course I compose songs as you can guess. I also play video games with PC and many different consoles and I also write reviews of those games I have played. Mostly I play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive if I play something on a net.

Sometimes I like to read books and watch movies. My favourite book is propably Jane Austen – Pride and prejudice or Paulo Coelho – Veronika Decides to Die. My favourite movie is A walk to remember.

Musical background

Since my childhood music has been a big part of my life, but mostly only on listening purposes. When I was a kid, I went to the piano school and tried to learn to play. I didn’t liked it, so I just quit it before I learnt to play almost anything. I learnt only couple of songs from on that piano teaching, so mostly I am just self taught hobbyist.

Even I play a guitar and a piano a little bit, I still count myself mostly as a hobbyist composer, not pianist nor guitarist. My live playing is not very good, and I am just much more keen on composing.

Other composings

Even Painless Destiny has become my number one hobby on composing, I have composed (and still compose) different kind of stuff too.

I have released couple of albums with name “A. Räsänen” on Bandcamp. You can find those here:

I have also played on a heavy metal band called Silent Whispers, where I was a composer, guitarist and a “singer”. Singing style was mostly harsh heavy metal vocals, so that is why it was “singing”. We didn’t played any gigs, so we were just played on a training place and had fun together.

I composed and recorded nine tracks for our Silent Whispers artist name, and those demo songs are also released on a Soundcloud (without vocals). You can find Stories untold -album demo backgrounds here:

My personal favourites from those songs were “A poem for you”, Hope” and “There is still time”.

Current projects


At this moment nothing related to music.

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