For all gear nerds out there, here is a quick summary of stuff I use when I compose and record songs.

Keyboards, DAWs etc.

All Painless Destiny albums have composed using Korg Microstation as a MIDI-keyboard for Logic Pro 9. Nowadays I have moved to Logic Pro X.

There is couple of different piano plugins heard on those albums, but nowadays I use mostly Pianoteq Stage 4. Logic’s own EXS24 sampler with Steinway-sounds is used on couple of albums. Also some other piano sounds can be heard on couple of albums, but sadly I cannot remember anymore which those sound libraries were.

I also have AKAI MPK Mini 25, which is used much on my another projects. It is very handy when you just need to record quickly some chords and melodies.

Audio interface is Scarlett 2i2. Excellent product and I have been happy with it.


Well, you cannot hear guitars on any of these songs, but on my another projects (see Bio-page) I have used different guitars. On metal stuff I have used Scechter Omen 6, but I have already sold it. Nowadays I use some Ibanez electric guitar for metal music.

Acoustic guitar I use is Ibanez Tallman. Gotta love this, even my own has problems with mics. Good guitar if you just record it with external mics.


When I records something with microphones, I use AKG C1000s which is a quite good microphone for recording guitars and vocals – at least it is good for it’s price.

Sometimes I use also Zoom H4n which is excellent device for field recordings. Mostly I use this when I just play guitar and sing, so I can listen later how terrible it sounds.


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