History of Painless Destiny

One man band – without a band

Painless Destiny is a one man band from Finland. In practice it is an artist name for finnish hobbyist composer Aleksi Räsänen.

Artist name was chosen around 2005  when I chose to upload my first recorded song “Fallen Poet” to the finnish hobbyist music website mikseri.net. Originally I had a vision to create songs in future where would be vocals and other instruments too, but that vision never happened – at least with this artist name.

On 2007 I released my next demo song called Ristillä (which means “On a cross”) on mikseri.net. That song was recorded and played terribly, but I dedicated to release it anyway – this was and still is only a hobby for me, so it should not be too serious.

Many years passed and on december 2011 I composed two new piano songs just for fun. Songs were called “Hope” and “Beyond”. I released those songs also on mikseri.net and shared those links in Facebook so my friends could listen those too.

One friend of mine pressed Like-button on Facebook for those songs, and to be honest, that was propably the biggest reason why ever I started to compose more this kind of songs. I liked myself that those songs were quite ok, and noticed that at least some of my friend did agree, so I thought that maybe I should compose more stuff like that because it was quite fun to do so. Never underestimate the power of a positive feedback!

From Winter to Neverland

After releasing songs “Hope” and “Beyond” on december 2011 I immediately started composing new songs. I composed 12 new songs and I noticed that there were enough songs for an album. Surely most of those songs were short, but they were long enough so I decided to release my first album “Winter” almost immediately after composing those songs.

I released “Winter” on mikseri.net, and after that I released it also on bandcamp.com after some guy on IRC told me about that service. After that I have released all of my albums on bandcamp.com and it has became my most important place for new album releases.

After the release of “Winter” I have composed lots of albums. Now when I am writing this, “Neverland” is the newest album out there.

Neverland – album that almost never happened

Before “Neverland” I had released 14 albums with this artist name in only couple of years, and that is a lot. “Neverland” was a turning point for me in many ways.

Compositions and production from that album sounds same like almost all the other albums I have done (at least on my point of view). Songs were ready since 2013, but I started to feel that I do not want to release this album at all, and it almost led to the end of history of Painless Destiny.

When I listened those composed songs I always felt that I have used that melody already (or at least some others). I also started to think that I should change my style. To do better songs. To do better productions and save and buy real piano or good electric piano. There were lots of reasons why I should not release this album ever, and why I just should stop releasing music with this artist name.

Previous album, “Last rays of the sun” was released on Aril 2013, so couple of years has already passed since last album. Finally I get over the lack of confidence to release this album, and I just released it on Bandcamp and wrote all this artistic problems in there also.

It was terrible release for me, but hopefully listening is not as bad experience than releasing it was 🙂

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