And when you weep

And when you weep is 2nd released Painless Destiny album. It was released  2011-12-21 on Bandcamp. Album cover art photo is taken on Ed, Sweden.

Album name comes from a song Adorer and somebody which is a song by german goth-rock band Lacrimas Profoundere. That song can be found on album Burning: A wish. Also when I was composing this album, all song titles were chosen by lyrics of songs on that album.

Most names were changed before release of this album, but songs “And when you weep”“For a while”, “For every tear” are all parts of lyrics of song Adorer and somebody.

Somehow this album might be the most important for me personally, because two from three of my personal favorites can be found on this album. When somebody asks me what kind of music Painless Destiny is, I most often  paste a link to the song “Embraced by your love”, “For every tear” or “Catherine” (which can be found on album Last rays of the sun). 

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