Autumn is 10th released Painless Destiny album. It was released on Bandcamp 04.10.2012. Cover art photo was taken in Rantakylä, Finland.

Album name just closes the circle of names of seasons, because WinterSpring and Summer were already released, so it was good time to release an album with the last unused season name. Also it was October when this album was released, so it was a good time to end season naming scheme with this album.

Song names are mostly but only loosely references to the mood and scenes of autumn.

Even the autumn is dark and cold and it is raining lots, it is probably still the best time in year – at least here in Finland. Days are bright and a little bit cold but not too cold, the nature is full of different colors, nights are dark and you can see the stars, but there is not too cold to go outside and just see the beauty which nature has to offer.

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