Centuries is 13th Painless Destiny album. It was released 06.02.2013 on Bandcamp.

Album cover art photo is taken in Rääkkylä, Finland. Photo was taken years ago, long before I had released any albums. In album cover you can see an old wooden church against the starlit sky. Photo quality is far from perfect, but this photo was chosen still, because it expressed perfectly the mood and theme of this album.

Album name and cover art meaning

Album name Centuries and elements in cover art (starlit sky, church) means that even the centuries has passed, some things does not change. People are still pondering questions like “Who I am? Why I am here? What is the meaning of life?”. Church is a place where many seek answers to these questions.

Also when people watch to the starlit sky, many can feel their own smallness in this big universe. It is somehow awesome to think that even the centuries has passed, we still see the same stars than those who has lived before us. For me it somehow sets things in different scale.

Song names

Song names are purely references to different themes about stars, space and everlasting things.

For me “Waltz under the stars”  is a dance which was seen on a movie Beauty and the beast (Disney movie version). It is a perfect moment when all irrelevant things are lost and there is only a perfect moment which seems to last forever.


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