Neverland is 15th released album. It was composed and recorded on 2013, but it was released 1.3.2015 on Bandcamp website. Album cover photo is taken in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Album and song names

Album and song names are inspired by a famous fairytale Peter Pan and other fairytales and movies. Neverland is a place where Peter Pan lives his never-ending childhood.

As an album name it has a different meaning too. For me Neverland refers to escapism from this world to the place where everything is possible. It is a place of innocence, happiness and freedom. It is a place of neverending joy without worries of this world. I also think Neverland as a state of mind. It does not have to be a real place. For me it lives in our hearts.

“A book never written” name is somehow a reference to the Neverending story. If the story never ends, it cannot be written down, so that is how that name was chosen to this song.

Songs “Our secret place” and “A bridge over the black water” are named after the inspiration of a movie called Bridge to Terabithia”. I have seen it couple of times, and I really like that movie.

Other info

In my own point of view, music and production of this album are in line with all the previous albums. Still this album was easily the hardest one for me to release.

I had already composed and recorded songs for this album on 2013 or 2014, but somehow I always felt that this album is not good enough. I always felt that I have used these melodies already and I started to think that these songs are totally crap. The more I thought, the more I felt that I will never release this album.

Couple of years has passed since last realased album and finally I had to made a desicion should I release this album ever or not. If not, then I would not release anything with this artist name anymore on the future.

In the end I released this album, because I understood that this is only a hobby for me. Hobbies should not be too serious, it should be fun. If I have used accidentally same melodies before, so what – it happens. If the sound quality is crap, so what – it happens. And to be honest, I am quite sure that I will never reach the line when sound quality is good enough, when piano sound is good enough and when songs are good enough. It is just so much easier to see problems and annoyances on own albums than hear the good things on those.

Months have passed, and I have accepted this album like all the others. Finally.

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