Silhouette is 16th released Painless Destiny album. It was released on October 13 2017 in Bandcamp and have also released on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and on many other services as well.

Cover art photo is taken on Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland nearby an apartment I was living back then.

Album and song names

Album name is a reference and my humble mark of respect for british artist called Birdy. She have a song called Silhouette so I chose that as an album name to have some kind of reference to her music to show respect to her art.

That Birdys song is something what I would call perfection in music (as well as her song Strange Birds from album Fire within).

Song names have no any bigger meaning behind them (except that Silhouette which is same reason than for album itself). I had some visions about music video for Letters from the Battleground but sadly I have been too lazy and busy to make music video. Hopefully some day 🙂

General thoughts

This album was composed similar ways than all the other ones using Korg Microstation as a MIDI controller and Logic Pro X as a software. Piano sounds was probably from EXS24 grand piano if I remember right.

Album was mixed and mastered by my friend Viljami Roivas (see his Facebook).

For my own perspective this album goes to same category than all the previous ones in term of songs but with better mixing and mastering. Surely at least after playing these songs over and over when listening mixings they start to sound same for me than all the older albums 😀