Swansong is 17th Painless Destiny album. It was released on April 4th 2020 on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music etc. normal services like many of the previous albums. Actually album was released a little bit later, but the release day shows 4th day since that was the original target for release.

Album cover art was taken years ago on Laajavuori in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Album name and song names

Originally album was meant to be called Swansong for the fallen. That name came to my mind when I was on Sauna one sabbath evening and I thought that it is a good name. Then I composed the album, so this time the album name was first and songs came later.

Album name caused some deeper thinking for me since it can be easily misunderstood and taken wrong way. As as Christian I had lots of thoughts if I should release the album with that name or not, but finally I thought that well, I will release it since it have many meanings in that name.

When I was making cover art the album name dropped the ending of its name for practical reasons. I liked shorter name more in cover art, it stays easier to read even on smaller displays and it fits better in album cover so practical reasons led me change the album name in final steps.

Even the Swansong often is thought as a last and final this is not the meaning of the album name. Hopefully it won’t be my last album and at least I have no any kind of thoughts of stopping composing with this artist name either so let’s see what future brings 🙂

Song names have no deeper meanings, they just express mostly the melancholical nature of the album songs.

Only the song called Ballad of Elizabeth Bennett is a reference to Jane Austin book called Pride and Prejudice which I like a lot. There is also great movie with same name from 2005 where Keira Knightley acts as Elizabeth Bennett. Excellent movie, one of my recommendations (see my other recommendations in my blog if you want).


Album was similar to compose like previous ones, all the songs were written in couple of hours using Korg Microstation as a midi controller and Logic Pro X as a DAW.

Post production was totally different tho. I have a Kawai CN37 digital piano and I really love the sound of it so I wanted to use that instead of normal piano sound I have used previously. This time songs from DAW were played through Kawai and were recorded directly to USB stick.

Album was mixed and mastered by Viljami Roivas. Go check his artist Facebook page as well!