In this page I will add sheets in PDF format when I can get them converted.

NOTE! I do not read sheets myself, so there might be very stupid errors and these might make no sense. If you find notice any, just send me a mail to aleksi.rasanen @ and I try to fix them if I can 🙂

A moment of peace


Land of the free

Last rays of the sun



6 thoughts on “Sheets”

  1. omggg i’ve been looking for this song on both Spotify and ITunes but could not find it ughhh makes me real sad ;(( I love, love, love this song but sadly I can only listen to it on YouTube which is really annoying..anyways, just wanna tell you that without you im dying is an ABSOLUTE DEPRESSING YET AMAZING SONG THAT SAVED HE WHOLE PIANO MUSIC INDUSTRY!! ily and thank you so much for producing such a nice song <3

  2. I really really love your songs. Feel relieved and relaxed deep down every time I played them. They work like a meditation to me even before I know the concept:) Hopefully one day I could play them myself (saving money for my digital piano now) SO MUCH THANKS TO YOU FOR PRODUCING THOSE BEAUTIFUL SONGS! And you even shared your sheet! It makes my day!!

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